The Hindu Vocabulary 30 August 2018

The Hindu Vocabulary 30 August 2018 
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1. REPROBATE (ADJECTIVE): Shameless: (नीच)
Synonyms: corrupt, wanton
Antonyms: honest, decent
Example Sentence: Only a reprobate man would kill an old woman.
2. CAPRICE (NOUN): Sudden change of behaviour: (सनक)
Synonyms: contrariety, crotchet
Antonyms: constancy, normality
Example Sentence: I am fed up of your caprice now.
3. GIG (NOUN): Employment: (छोटा काम)
Synonyms: job, engagement
Antonyms: unemployment, economic-decline
Example Sentence: A gig of a basketball coach has been published on the website today.
4.NAUSEOUS (ADJECTIVE): Disgusting: (घिनौना)
Synonyms: abhorrent, brackish
Antonyms: nice, soothing
Example Sentence: Spitting everywhere is a nauseous habit usually found in youth.
5. HEGEMONY (NOUN): Dominion: (नायकत्व)
Synonyms: authority, leadership
Antonyms: subservience, powerlessness
Example Sentence: PoK is under the hegemony of Pakistan.
6. IN WAKE OF (ADJECTIVE): Being next: (अ नुवर्ती)
Synonyms: subsequent, succeeding
Antonyms: leading, preceding
Example Sentence: We had no place to live in the wake of the fire.
7. AGILE (ADJECTIVE): Flexible: (च ुस्र्त)
Synonyms: lithe, supple
Antonyms: rigid, stiff
Example Sentence: Monkey is an agile animal.
8. SHOVE OFF (VERB): Leave quickly : (घनकास)
Synonyms: depart, exit
Antonyms: arrive, come
Example Sentence: As soon as the police arrives the goons shove off from the bank.
9. SALACIOUS (ADJECTIVE): Indecent: (गंदा)
Synonyms: vulgar, lewd
Antonyms: moral, decent
Example Sentence: The salacious ruffians made filthy remarks on her.
10. PULL UP (VERB): Stop: ((व्‍यक्ति, घोड़े, गाड़ी को) रोकना)
Synonyms: halt, pause
Antonyms: continue, go
Example Sentence: This old orthodox practice should be pulled up now.

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