Kailash Chandra Magazine Volume 6

Kailash Chandra Magazine Volume 6
Now, if you want to learn Shorthand from beginning, you need to go through and PRACTICE all the chapters of its text book and then, try to build your writing speed gradually. I have given emphasize on the word PRACTICE because it is the most important aspect of this skill. So, do lots of practice, practice & practice for each stroke. The more you practice, the more you remember it. The whole process may take as much as 6 to 12 months depending upon the daily hours you spare for it. You may need at least 2–4 hours daily to complete all the chapters in time. Text book is available for download in below link and can also be purchased on-line from below link.

We are thankful Kailash Chandra sir for their amazing magazine.

It helps to enhance you shorthand speed and also grow your speaking skill. If you working on this daily than you find a great result. So be continue and working hard with Kailash Chandra Magazines.

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